Elan Alexenberg II 2019 Reel

My 2019 Film Reel.

LifeBlood // Performance, Nature, and Sex

LifeBlood is a short art film aiming to portray the parallels in live performance, nature, and sex.
An illustration of vulnerability, calm building into intensity, and the deafening silence before thunder.

Shot, edited, and directed by Elan Alexenberg

Eric Jenkins II Pain In Glory

This project I Produced, Shot, and Edited.

Cooking with Cannabis ft. Hawaii Mike II Thrillist

This project I Produced, Shot, and Edited for Thrillist Media.

Preserving Tz'utujil, Mayan Culture Through Photography

This I Produced, Shot, and Edited in Guatemala.

Mariah Behind The Scenes | Complex Cover Shoot

This I shot, and Edited from Complex Networks.

ComplexCon 2.0 || First Announcement

This project I Story Produced, and Edited. This was a recap for Complex Network’s first annual ComplexCon, and the beginning of the Marketing Campaign Trail for the next year’s event.

Khloé Kardashian Behind The Scenes - Complex Cover Shoot

This project I Edited for Complex Networks.

La Lancha

This project I shot while traveling on a cargo ship in the Amazon.

Herring Fishing - Canarsie, Brooklyn, NYC

Here I documented the Herring fishing community at Canarsie Pier in Brooklyn. This project I Shot, and Edited.

Explore Pampas, Bolivia with Fluvial Tours

Ad I created for Fluvial Tours, in Pampas, Bolivia.

DJ 4b - Live at EDC

This video I created for DJ 4B, at EDC Music Festival.

IN THE PAINT with Michael Rapaport

This is a pilot episode I edited for Complex Networks.